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Summer Ready: Natural Men’s Skincare Guide

Summer Ready: Natural Men’s Skincare Guide

All too often, women receive all the advice when it comes to skincare, but we think this is unfair. No one likes wrinkles, and we know that men care as much (or at least they should) about their skin as women. Adopting a proper natural skincare routine can help you maintain skin that looks and feels healthy, and this week, we’ve got the natural men’s skincare guide to help you get one going, easily.

Just as with women’s skincare, the key to natural men’s skincare is washing and moisturizing every day. Even if these are the only two activities you adopt, they can go a long way towards ensuring your skin is clean and hydrated.

Wash your face properly. By this we mean not with that harsh bar soap you use to wash the rest of your body. This will dry out your skin and make it appear wrinkled (and no one wants that). Look for a gentle cleanser that will cleanse the dirt and oil from your skin. A natural cleaner is a great choice because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals to further dry out or irritate the skin. Look for ingredients such as licorice extract for its anti-inflammatory properties and black walnut shell extract to clear away dead skin cells and refine the skin’s surface.

It is important to wash your face before you shave too – excess oil can stick to the skin and block the pores, preventing your razor from gliding along the skin smoothly.

Up your razor game. A dull razor won’t deliver a clean shave, and can irritate the skin. But just because one has 17 blades doesn’t mean it will work any better either – you’re more likely to end up with razor burn or ingrown hairs because those extra blades pull the hairs below the skin a little too deep. Don’t forget a moisturizing shave gel to protect your skin and make shaving less damaging.

Daily shaving can also take a serious toll on your skin, but things get worse if you just shave and go. Shaving, just by virtue of the activity itself, irritates the skin, so you need to give your face a little TLC once you put that razor away. A natural moisturizer goes a long way to making your skin feel soft and less like sandpaper.

These tips are crucial to keeping your skin happy and healthy. When you use natural men’s skincare products you’re even better protected because you’re not introducing your skin to those evil chemical filled options.

At Abundance Naturally, we have an entire natural men’s skincare line, Sanctum, to help you make developing a healthy, natural skincare routine easy.

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