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Abundance Naturally’s Proenzi99™ (Caffeine Free) is Canada’s most widely used form of Ephedra and one of the few that has been approved by Health Canada as a safe and effective treatment for nasal decongestion.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to ship this item to Canadian customers.

Ephedra is a remarkably effective traditional Chinese herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years to help with a variety of health reasons from nasal decongestion to weight loss and boosting energy.

Abundance Naturally promotes the safe and effective use of Proenzi99™ as a natural nasal decongestant.

INGREDIENTS: Ephedrine Hydrochloride 8 mg.

NON-MEDICAL INGREDIENTS: Panax ginseng root extract (6mg ginsenosides) 7.5mg, Thermonutrient Blend 125mg [Steatite, Atractylodes rhizome (Atractylodes macrocephale), Baical skullcap root (Scutellaria baicalensis), Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), Terra alba, Da huang root (Rheum palmatum), Mirabilite, Bladderwrack kelp (Fucus vesiculosus), Field mint herb (Mentha haplocalyx), Forsythia fruit (Gardenia jasminoids), Ginger root (Zingiber officinale), Lovage root (Ligusticum wallichlii), Schizonepeta stem (Schizonepeta tenufolia), Siler root (Ledebouriella divaricata), Siberian ginseng root (Eleutherococcus senticosus)].

OTHER INGREDIENTS: dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, soy polysaccharides, stearic acid, croscarmellose sodium, silica magnesium stearate and pharmaceutical glaze.

WEIGHT LOSS CAUTION: Due to it’s mechanism of action, Ephedra is used by many as an effective weight loss aid. Proenzi99™ is not approved for this use in Canada. Abundance Naturally asks all users of Proenzi99™ to ensure the safe and appropriate use of this product in compliance with the use and dosages approved on our label.

Customer Reviews

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Delivery was incredibly fast

Product arrived as described, I was shocked it was here so fast! Proenzi99 is the only thing that works for my congestion, especially during seasonal allergy seasons. Will definitely continue to order.

An essential product...

When I started eating plant based I was about 17, so I needed to figure out what my body needed in order to support this diet. I wanted to do my part in helping the environment and find a new relationship with food and cooking that made me feel good. This product helped me find the ways to gain the essential nutrients in the day and have an extra boost to get the day started. With the extra boost proenzi99 gave me I was able to kick start my workout routine everyday while eating healthy meals everyday. It sounds weird but even having this step in my morning routine made me want to eat healthier because it gave me the energy to work out all the time so not only did it give me energy, proenzi gave me the fuel I needed to start a healthy, vegan, fitness, energetic lifestyle.

Proenzi99 helped me in so many ways...

This product has made my health journey FUN. It made my goals feel closer and my daily routine became something I loved to do. I woke up feeling more energized and eventually didn't need to take Proenzi as religiously anymore. I would usually take 1-2 every morning, but then I started to feel more naturally energized, sometimes I take one throughout the day if I feel I need it but this product has helped me in my weight loss journey more than anything else. unlike other supplements that help with weight loss, this all-natural product has helped me thrive. I felt the need to write a review because I already recommend this products to all my peers that have any weight loss goals and they've loved it so I wanted to give my feedback! LOVE THIS PRODUCT

This product gave me the BEST results

This product is everything I needed and more... During COVID it was especially tough to keep my energy up with the stay at home orders, winter weather, and working on my computer all day, I hardly had the energy to do anything when my day of work was done. This product helped me get back into my routine and gave me the energy I needed to start eating healthier, planning my days out better and overall be a happier person in my day-to-day life. I love this product, I take one almost everyday, and two when I feel I need an extra boost that day.