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Kosmea Rosey Glow Body Essentials Collection

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Product Description

The Kosmea Rosey Glow Body Essentials Collection features 3 Kosmea Rose Glow products in an essentials collection gift bag.

The products featured are:
Rose Glow Body Wash 200ml
Kosmea Rose Glow Body Wash will give skin a fresh rosy fragrance leaving it feeling hydrated and refreshed. The environmentally friendly formula retains natural skin oils and keeps skin moisturised with an SLS free foaming agent derived from natural ingredients.

Rose Glow Body Mist 125ml
Kosmea Rose Glow Body Mist is made from delicately distilled rose petals to brighten, tone and enliven your skin. Give your skin the drink it deserves with this all-natural burst of energy and fresh fragrant rosewater mist.

Rose Glow Body Oil 100ml
With a soft scent Kosmea Rose Glow Body Oil is ideal for a romantic date night, or a subtle daytime fragrance. Pair with Rose Glow Body Wash for a skin treat.


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