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Huile de Menthe Poivrée 100% Pure



A 100% pure, invigorating naturally sourced essential oil used in aromatherapy for:

- Cough, cold & congestion

- Relief of digestive discomfort, upset stomach or nausea

- Calmative to relax, destress, to help rest and aid in a better sleep

- Relief of joint & muscle pain 

- Can be used topically, as an inhalant, in bath or diffuser

- When applied to the skin, peppermint oil stimulates the nerves involved in the perception of cold sensations, at the same time depressing those for pain. The initial cooling effect is followed by warmth.


Mentha x Piperita 100%

Customer Reviews

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Alexa Barragan
I love your products, especially the peppermint, but.....

I have been using your products for 3 years, especially peppermint, it has helped me a lot in my health and I really appreciate your products. But the last 2 times that I have bought the peppermint essential oil, I really feel that it is greatly reduced, it is no longer the same power of the product, I would like to continue consuming your products but that they have the same quality as always. Thank you