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About Us

Abundance Naturally is managed by moms who try to balance active lifestyle, healthy living, busy kids and a priority on family with building her business.

When we started Abundance Naturally, it was because of our passion for how pure, natural ingredients could help the body nourish and heal itself.  It started with our discovery of Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic. Tea Tree shrubs grow wild in the rich swamplands in New South Wales, Australia and in the 70s was harvested into a plantation to bring the natural antiseptic wonder to the world. We were so enthralled with the numerous therapeutic benefits from that little amber glass bottle, that we began looking for other botanical products in Australia and we partnered with wonderful companies and people who share the same passion for natural wellness that we do.

Now, five years later, Abundance Naturally offers brands that can make you – and your whole family – feel better, healthier, and more beautiful, naturally.  For your kids, we have eco.kid Organics for Kids, a range of hair and body products made with wild-crafted essential oils from Australia, specially formulated for kids from 3-12 and their own personal care concerns – like head lice! As your family grows, Thursday Plantation Tea Tree oil product range has natural personal care using the anti-bacterial power of Tea Tree oil to help treat acne, burns, bites, skin irritations, nail infections, scalp itch, and many other skin conditions. For men, we found a beautiful grooming line made in the pristine hinterland of Byron Bay in the Gold Coast of Australia which uses Cedarwood and Sandalwood essential oils for their scent and skin nourishing properties. And Kosmea Australia, a product line that uses the beautiful, vitamin-rich Organic Rosehip Oil as their key ingredient. Kosmea’s skincare line is simply the epitome of natural beauty.  With rosehip oil and other natural nourishing ingredients, Kosmea’s full line skin care regime is the key to healthy, radiant, youthful skin.

Being proud Canadians, we also recognized that we live in a country rich with natural resources and began seeking partnerships for our own Abundance Naturally brand, Canadian made with Canadian sourced ingredients, where possible.  Our new Abundance Naturally Baby brand is locally made using soothing essential oils, nourishing plant botanicals and healing herbs to cleanse, heal and nurture baby’s new skin and pregnant and nursing moms without the use of any synthetic, petrochemical and harsh ingredients which penetrate the skin into the bloodstream. We thank all moms (and dads and caregivers) who trust our products to use on the skin of precious babies.

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